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If you are not currently a Pensra Participant and you would like to register yourself for participation at, please complete the following information in it's entirety and click "Register" at the bottom of the page.

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  • New referees are typically USSF Grade ="Grassroots". New referees are not Assignors. New referees are typically not NFHS (High School) referees.
  • Latest Year refers to when you were last registered with USSF or NHFS. What is the latest year that you have paid for and met the requirements to referee?
  • Information collected here is ONLY used to identify who you are and establishes your eligibility for involvement with the Pensra. You are required to provide the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip, a PrimaryPhone and a PrimaryEmail. Please include in Notes your reason for application ("I just obtained my USSF License and would like some Assignments", "I am the Assignor for the xyz Soccer Club"; etc.)
  • The ONLY information that you will be required to divulge to the general Membership is your Name, PrimaryPhone and PrimaryEmail. Other information is available to the general membership only if you elect to make it so (by clicking on the checkbox checkbox next to the field title). You CAN change what you elect to make available at any time after you logon at Services: Profile
  • You WILL be required to agree to the appropriate Pensra Agreement(s) after logging onto our site.
  • Registrations are reviewed by a human being before approval. We try to review new registrations no less frequently than twice a week.

1. Middle name or initial are only necessary to differentiate you from another User with the same name. If your name is NOT common, do NOT include a middle name/initial.

If you include a middle name or initial it will become part of your SiteName. You will need to enter your SiteName every time you logon.



Your name, primary phone number, primary email address, and city will be displayed to other logged on Users of the website via the Services:Directory.
You opt-in to place more information in the Directory by checking checked besides those data fields.

Minimum Information Required

Last Name
First Name
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checked Assignor is an individual responsible for assigning referees to matches.
checked Client is an individual responsible for hiring referees for matches.

checked Referee
USSF is a referee that works USSF matches - typically competitive youth.
AYSO is a referee that works AYSO matches - typically recreational youth.
NFHS is a referee that works High School matches..

USSF Grade is "Grassroots" for new referees. It is not year grade in school.