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Please set the criteriaTerm for the Matches that you would like to list and click "Show". You can also view the detail for any MatchTerm by clicking on the numeric value you'll see in the "Match" column of the Results List.

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The following Matches meet the criteria you have set. You can see the detail associated with a specific Match by clicking on the Match Number (that's the number in the "Match" column) in the same row as the entry you are interested in.

2526785/30/2020Sat8:00 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU09Corte Madera MSRefOpen
2504495/30/2020Sat8:30 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU15Hoover SouthRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open
2511705/30/2020Sat9:00 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU17Crestmoor Upper ERefOpen AR1Open AR2Open
2495545/30/2020Sat9:00 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU11Oceana HS - UpperRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open
2504765/30/2020Sat9:15 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU09Burgess Field 7v7RefUnconfirmed
2506505/30/2020Sat9:20 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU11Murray North RefOpen AR1Open AR2Open
2507825/30/2020Sat9:30 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU10Stadium FieldRefOpen AR1Open AR2Open
2515795/30/2020Sat10:00 amCCSL CoastBookgreenU08Cubberley WestRefUnconfirmed AR1Open AR2Open
2496285/30/2020Sat10:00 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU09Franklin NorthRefOpen
2505075/30/2020Sat10:00 amNorCal PremierBookgreenU09Franklin SouthRefOpen
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