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Select the Pensra MatchTerm you personally observed during the previous 15 days by setting the appropriate column Criteria and clicking "Show". Click on the value in the "Match" column to see the match details and initiate an Evaluation of one of the Referee Crew members.

Evaluation Criteria
SourceNumberClient multiple
FieldAction reset
24458011/12/20199:00 pmIPlayForSFMO21Franklin Square 1A/B
24458111/12/20199:00 pmIPlayForSFMO21Franklin Square 1C/D
23768311/12/20198:30 pmPalo Alto Adult Soccer LeagueMO25Mayfield North
23768411/12/20198:30 pmPalo Alto Adult Soccer LeagueMO25Mayfield South
23768511/12/20198:30 pmPalo Alto Adult Soccer LeagueMO25El Camino Soccer Field
24457811/12/20198:00 pmIPlayForSFMO21Franklin Square 1A/B
24457911/12/20198:00 pmIPlayForSFMO21Franklin Square 1C/D
24457611/12/20197:00 pmIPlayForSFMO21Franklin Square 1A/B
24457711/12/20197:00 pmIPlayForSFMO21Franklin Square 1C/D
24492811/11/20199:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Franklin Square 1A/B
24493111/11/20199:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Kimbell Field #1A
24493411/11/20199:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Franklin Square 1C/D
24493511/11/20199:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Franklin Square 1C/D
24491711/11/20198:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Franklin Square 1A/B
24493211/11/20198:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Franklin Square 1C/D
24493311/11/20198:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Kimbell Field #1A
24492911/11/20197:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Franklin Square 1A/B
24493011/11/20197:00 pmIPlayForSFMixedO21Kimbell Field #1A
24612911/10/20198:10 pmCCSL CoastBU17Murray / Burlingame Sports Complex
24582311/10/20197:00 pmNorCal State CupBU19South San Francisco HS
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