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Wednesday August 4th, 2021

GotSport Team Name & Numbers Pensra is working on an alternative method to integrate with GotSport data. This effort started on August 2. For this method to work, Pensra will need a list of your teams. Please send a spreadsheet with your team names, birthyear, gender and GotSport Team Number to

Wednesday August 4th, 2021

NO WEB SUPPORT There will be absolutely no webmaster support between August 8 and August 15. NONE. Sorry about that folks. I will be teaching a soccer refereeing class in the Northern Sierras.

Wednesday August 4th, 2021

GotSport Field Numbers Over the next few weeks, Club Schedulers will be entering Venue and Location information into GotSport. In order to assist with the synchronization with Pensra, please send to a list of every field that you create in GotSport. Include the Field name, the GotSport Location ID Numb...

Multiple Personal Criteria

Users can now establish multiple personal search criteria on query pages. This new feature should be of assistance to active referees and assignors - especially those that "wear multiple hats" in that they have distinct and different interactions with the database. Thanks to Brain M. for suggesting this feature. See the FAQ fo...More

Trouble with the USSF Digital Learning Center

When completing assignments on the USSF Digital Learning Center - either as a new referee or when registering for 2022 you might want to take screen shots when you complete an assignment or a section. There have been numerous reports of progress, especially partial progress, not being credited. With the screen shot you can ap...

Friday June 25th, 2021

We submitted the website to a a security audit and are implementing recommended suggestions. Those users that use bookmarks or autofill logon information may have to reestablish their local settings as a result.

Welcome to Peninsula Soccer Referees Association. We serve soccer programs in San Mateo, San Francisco and surrounding Counties.

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Become a Referee

Join our referee team.   We have a major shortage of referees for youth matches.  Great weekend job.  Season starts August 21, 2021!  Pick your own schedule.   

Pay rates for new referees - typically $25 - $35 per match.   

USSoccer trains you.   Registration is $75 (for under 18).   Training consists of on-line class and a 3 hour field session.

Sign up for field sessions at 

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