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What's New?
Friday September 17th, 2021

BECOME A REFEREE Sign up for a referee field session in Redwood City (10/1/21) and become a USSF Grassroots Referee.More

Friday September 17th, 2021

BECOME A REFEREE Sign up for a referee field session in San Bruno (10/17/21) and become a USSF Grassroots Referee.More

Thursday September 16th, 2021

When broadcast email messages are returned as undeliverable, Pensra deletes the email address from the User's profile. This helps combat SPAM. If your email address "disappeared" - this might be why.

Friday September 10th, 2021

Referees This Fall we have seen a substantial, state-wide shortage of referees. The leagues are permitting solo referees on more matches as assignors cannot find three referees. Substantial numbers of matches are ...

Wednesday September 8th, 2021

Confused as to how to upoload Matches? See a summary FAQ of your options.More

Tuesday September 7th, 2021

Beta Testing Matches into Pensra UPDATE
If you are interested, Clients can now try out loading matches directly into Pensra from GotSport via the Byga platform.Going

Wednesday August 25th, 2021

A substantial number of Palo Alto Soccer Club and SF Youth Soccer matches have been manually manipulated. It is possible that mistakes were made. Please check your assignments carefully.

Multiple Personal Criteria

Users can now establish multiple personal search criteria on query pages. This new feature should be of assistance to active referees and assignors - especially those that "wear multiple hats" in that they have distinct ...More

Trouble with the USSF Digital Learning Center

When completing assignments on the USSF Digital Learning Center - either as a new referee or when registering for 2022 you might want to take screen shots when you complete an assignment or a section. There have been num...

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