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Pre 2007

There is evidence that there was a Peninsula Soccer Referees Association in 1979. A plaque commemorating a visit from Ken Aston exists. Ken Aston was a noted English FIFA Referee. He developed the red and yellow card system. He was instrumental in developing the AYSO refereeing program. There is a website-> detailing his accomplishments.


Redwood Youth Soccer League

In 2007, the Redwood Youth Soccer League replaced a team registration software that was based on Lotus Notes 3. The Lotus Notes system was used for the Redwood, Abronzino, Delgado and Alvarez competitive youth soccer leagues. The new software from the RidgeStar company included a referee assigning capability.

Starting around 2009, referee assigning was incorporated into the website. However, USClub affiliated teams also wanted to use the referee assigning services. Referees and assignors worked for both Redwood CYSA teams and USClub affiliated teams. As the Redwood League is affiliated with CYSA, it was deemed inappropriate for the website to be used to in conjunction with USClub teams.

The referee assigning functionality was moved to a separate website, The referee assigning website grew to be used by AYSO, tournaments, middle school leagues, NorCal Clubs, San Francisco based youth recreational leagues and Police Activities Leagues. With this growth, the Peninsula Soccer Referee Association became an independent entity.

Peninsula Soccer Referee Association

In 2015, Pensra became a separate legal entity.   In 2018, Pensra obtained 501(c)3 non-profit status.  Redwood League and Pensra entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that gave Redwood League preferential treatment by Pensra.   The Memorandum of Understanding expired in 2021.