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USSF "The Referee Commitment"Printable

From the United States Soccer Federation Referee Administrative Handbook 2008

The U.S. Soccer Federation National Program for Referee Development, through the involvement of each referee, is recognized by players, coaches and administrators as a program which consistently provides excellence in officiating and displays the highest level of professionalism through service and dedication.

To accomplish this, I, as a referee, am committed to:

  1. Officiating matches in a fair and safe manner that ensures player and spectator enjoyment.
  2. Maintaining my physical fitness for peak performance.
  3. Faithfully keeping all appointments assigned to and accepted by me.
  4. Supporting my fellow officials with loyalty, pride and dignity.
  5. Conducting myself in a way to be ethically and morally beyond reproach.
  6. Granting players and coaches dignity and self-respect.
  7. Contributing to the overall development of the National Program for Referee Development.
  8. Remaining committed to continuous learning and an improvement process that enables me to perform to my full potential.