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How to cross register from AYSO to USSFPrintable

AYSO to USSF cross registration is available only to those individuals that have never been registered with USSF.

  • AYSO Regional ==> No cross registration.
  • AYSO Intermediate ==> USSF Grade 8
  • AYSO Advanced ==> USSF Grade 8
  • AYSO National ==> USSF Grade 7


  1. Obtain and complete the cross certification form->
  2. Obtain the necessary AYSO signatures. DO NOT MAIL THE FORM TO USSF in Chicago!

    Get the form back to you. A self addressed stamped envelope helps. You should control the paperwork flow.

  3. Register with CNRA-> (California North Referee Association)

    Register as a new user and as a referee. Current fee is $65 per calendar year. (2019)

    ALTERNATIVE Fill out a paper registraton form See Instructions->

  4. Contact the CNRA Registrar and send them the signed form.

    Additional Instructions->


You are eligible to referee when CNRA approves the paperwork.

Your badge will take 2-6 weeks to arrive.

You are required to recertify/reregister annually.