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How to Evaluate Referees?Printable

  1. Go to Information:Evaluation
  2. Use Pensra Match#, Date, Gender, Level, Field or Team criteria (filters) at the top of the appropriate columns to search for the match you wish to evaluate. Click "Show"
  3. Click on the evaluate icon adjacent to the referee you wish to comment on.
  4. Complete the requested data. Including:
    • Score
    • Your role
    • Numerical ratings
    • Comments / Concerns /Compliments. Written comments carry more information than numerical ratings

Click "File" when you are finished.

Evaluations can not be entered on the same day of the match. Evaluations open the next day. This allows a period of contemplation before entering the referee evaluation. Matches greater than 2 weeks in the past can no longer be evaluated.

Referee Evaluations for CCSL Matches

CCSL has a separate Referee Evlauation system. Evlauations filed with CCSL will likely not get back to the assignor. CCSL Referee Evaluation Form->