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CCSLCoast Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 8/29/2018

Match Cards

Home team provide three copies. Away team also provide three copies as a backup. After the game the referee & team officials sign all three copies. The referee keeps one copy.

Home team to give one match card to the Referee. Make a check mark checked for which players are present.

Players / adults that are lined out on Match Card may not participate.


Players - no pass no play. Exception with written permission of CCSL Director - Sonya Lee
Fall - Only White CYSA passes.
Spring - Blue or White CYSA passes or USClub passes or AYSO passes or USYS passes. All passes must be from the same issuer (all CYSA or all AYSO or all USClub).(CYSA and USYS passes can be mixed.)

Checking passes / match cards is transparent. i.e. teams can see the passes of the other team - can take pictures of match card/passes.

Number of Players & Game Day Roster

7v7 Matches -- Maximum Game Day Roster is 14
9v9 Matches and 11v11 Matches -- Maximum Game Day Roster is 18

Guest players can be handwritten on the roster.


At least one adult must have a pass. Only adults with passes on team side. Maximum of 5 adults (includes during half time.)

Send offs / Incident Reports / Concussion Protocol

Do NOT retain the pass. Complete on line report at On-Line Sendoff Report

Player injury? One team no shows? Abandon the match? Terminate the match? Call the Police? See signs of a concussion? Complete the League Incident Report-> and tell your Assignor!

Players that sustain any kind of head impact or injury are to be asked to leave the field. Do not allow the player to return if you detect any symptom of concussion. You may confiscate the player pass of a player and deliver that pass to a league or club official. The CCSL Game Day Instructions state, "The actions of the referee are not intended to indicate any type of medical diagnosis, they are simply being asked to use their judgment regarding a possible concussion for the safety of the player. If a referee does not ask that a player be removed from the match, the coach is still responsible for protecting the safety of the player and following the Cal North Concussion Procedure and Protocol."


Hydration breaks are permitted in hot weather.

Blow Out Rule

Goal differential of greater than 7 in the younger and lower brackets can lead to a deduction of points in the standings. Not the referee's job, but might be helpful in match management to mention to coach of the team that is winning.

Deliberate Heading

new 8/12/2019

In U12 matches and younger, deliberate heading of the ball is to be whistled. Award an IFK for the opponents. If there is no goal area, IFK awarded to the attackers within the penalty area are to be taken from the penalty area line parallel to the goal line closest to the point of the infraction.

9v9 and 11v11 - Deliberate heading in the penalty area and the goal area - the resulting IFK follows the restart laws outlined in Law 13 (position of ball, position of defenders)

Players that are 11 years old and younger are not permitted to head the ball. If such a player is "playing up" say on a U13 team they are still not permitted to head the ball.
new: Players under 11 and playing up are to be identified to the referee and are to wear an armband.

Ball Size

U09 - U12 => Size 4: ... ... U13+ => Size 5

7 v 7 U09-U10

    • Yes PKs
    • Yes goal area and penalty area
    • Yes goal kick from goal area Added to clarify September 15, 2019
    • Penalty spot 10 yds from goal line
    • 8 yds insted of 10 yds distance on free kicks
    • Minimum 5 players to start or continue.
    • One referee
    • No deliberate heading.

Build Out Line Intent of this rule is to promote buildup soccer.

  • Build Out line is equidistant from halfway line and the penalty area line
    Can be noted with flat cones.
  • Goalkeeper has ball in her/his hands? => Opponents must retreat behind build out line
  • Goalkeeper can not punt or drop kick the ball. Restart with IFK .
  • On a Goal Kick, opponents must retreat behind build out line. Must remain behind build out line till ball is in play (kicked and moves) Change with 2019/2020 LOTG
  • On a Free Kick from inside their own Penalty Area, opponents must retreat behind build out line. Must remain behind build out line till ball is in play (kicked and moves) This is a CCSL only rule 2019/2020 rule changes-> Added September 15, 2019
  • An attacker is NOT in an offside position if they have not crossed the build out line.

9 v 9 U11-U12

  • 8 yds instead of 10 yds distance on free kicks.
  • Restarts per Law 12. - Both IFK and DFK
  • Goal kick from goal area
  • PK from 10 yds not 12 yds
  • Minimum number of players is 6 to start or continue a game
  • Three referees.
  • No deliberate heading.

U13 & older

11v11 Per FIFA
Match length, substitution and field size exceptions


Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage with referee's permission.

Match Length

U09-U10 2 - 25 minute halves ....
U11-U12 2 - 30 minute halves ....
U13-U14 2 - 35 minute halves ..........
U15-U16 2 - 40 minute halves ...........
U17-U19 2 - 45 minute halves .........

10 minute minimum rest period at the half.

Orthopedic supports

Knee and ankle braces okay - hard parts padded.
Hard arm/wrist splints may be allowed - if no danger.
Soft cast okay - if no danger.
Hard casts that cover the entire circumference of the arm/wrist are NOT permitted (even if padded).

Official Websites

CCSL Rules Website-> updated September 15, 2019
Check-In, Send Off, Dismissal, Incident Reports->

Updated 8/15/19 Official rules for 2019 Fall season expected on August 19, 2019
Updated 9/15/19