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The Peninsula Soccer Referee Association (Pensra) provides a number of services to the soccer community. These include:

  • A single point resource for referees, assignors and clients to list matches that need referees and for referees to sign up for or request matches.
  • Confirm that referees are not double booked.
  • Confirm that fields are not double booked - the once common problem of 4 teams and 6 referees all converging on the same field on the same day and time occurs rarely.
  • Provide assignors with the assurance that referees are currently licensed with the United States Soccer Federation.
  • Provide resources to referees to be familiar with the rules of the competition. Referees will often work different matches from different competitions in the same day. Pensra provides them with single page competition summaries.
  • Provide resources to referees for continuing education, advanced training and mentoring.
  • Provide a means for teams, clubs, coaches etc. to evaluate the referees they see.
  • Give teams and clubs tools to load matches from GotSoccer, Demosphere, Redwood Youth Soccer League, San Francisco Youth Soccer League, LeagueApps, AffinitySports into the Pensra database. These tools make it much faster to load matches and to confirm that the match data is accurate.
  • Provide assignors or clubs the data that they need to pay referees.


  • $1.50 per match when the match is requesting three referees
  • $1.00 per match when the match is requesting one or two referees
  • $2.00 per match when the match is requesting four referees (4th Official)
  • No additional charge if a mentor is requested/assigned


Each organization that independently loads matches, or is considered a separate club by GotSoccer/Demosphere, or independently pays referees is considered a Client of Each Client will have a minimum charge for a season of league matches or a tournament. A tournament is a large number of matches played over a few days under a single set of team registration or playing rules. A season is a set of matches played over 2-3 months where approximately the same number of matches are played every weekend.

The minimum charge for a season or a tournament will be $40. (Equivalent to 27 matches with a three-person referee crew.) New April 23, 2019

Matches in Pensra are organized by match number, player gender, player level, match level, etc. Referees are assigned to a match number. Referees are NOT assigned to a field and time. Consequently, when matches are moved or changed after referees are assigned, reassigning referees can be difficult, time consuming and requires extensive expertise. This situation occurs most often when a tournament makes schedule changes after referees have been assigned. If Pensra provides assistance to the tournament scheduler or assignor to recitify referee assignment problems resulting from changes in the tournament schedule made after referees have started to be assigned, that assistance will be charged to the tournament at an hourly rate of $120/hour. New April 23, 2019

A failure to charge the minimum for a season or tournament does not preclude charging the minimum on a subsequent seasons or tournaments.


Friendly matches during a season are treated the same as league matches.

Clubs that were members of the Redwood Youth Soccer League in November, 2015 have their league matches covered by a Memorandum of Understanding between the Redwood League and Pensra.

Clients can apply to the Pensra Board of Directors if the minimum charge represents a financial hardship to the club.

Past Due Accounts

Clients that have an outstanding invoice that is more than 60 days in arrears will be denied access to the website.

Adopted June 11, 2016
Amended February 24, 2018
Amended April 23, 2019