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What are the Field Closure phone numbers?Printable

Fields / Parks Field Closure Phone Numbers

Decisions to close fields due to inclement weather can be made by:

  • the owner of the field (typically City Parks and Recreation departments or School Districts)
  • the hosting League, Club or Team
  • the referee

Fields may be closed to minimize damage to the field or for the safety of the players.

For some fields, a telephone hotline is known that will announce if a field is closed. See Information:Fields for a specific field.

If you know a Field condition phone number or website and it is not available when you visit  Information:Fields, please send the phone number along to your Assignor the Webmaster.

In any event, it is always best to contact your opponent to get the latest information on whether a particular field is open or if a match will be played. In general, matches on synthetic turf will not be cancelled