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Referee Recommendations with COVID-19Printable

Updated 3/21/2020

California Public Health now requires sheltering -in-place. Non-essential businesses and activities are prohibited.

  • If you are sick -- QUARANTINE YOURSELF
  • If you leave home - maintain social distancing
  • Wash your hands
  • Don't touch your face

NorCal has cancelled matches through 4/15.
CCSL has cancelled matches through 4/15.
SFYS has cancelled matches through 4/1.

As the pandemic is a fast evolving, please stay up to date with reliable government announcement.

For more information

California Press Release->

California Policy->

Santa Clara County Dept. Public Health->

United States Soccer Federation->

California North Referee Association->

California North Soccer Association-> April 15 announcement->

NorCal Premier Soccer->

Working together we can minimize the spread of this virus