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What are google travel durations?

Options-Durations defines the amount of time to be allocated to a subset of matches. In addition to PreMatch, Match Half, PostMatch and Extra a value can be inputted for Travel. A common value is "google" which indicates that the Travel time will be calculated from Google Maps between the last venue worked on the same day and the current venue for the match being evaluated.

When a referee uses SelfAssign to evaluate eligibility to work a Match and the Referee already has an assignment on the same day, the system will determine if the google travel times between the two venues will conflict with the Match times as part of the Schedule self assign pattern.

Once calculated this value is stored as part of the Location data table. As the calculation of the google travel time can take tens of seconds, storing the travel value makes future lookup faster. Stored travel times can be seen at Location Detail at Information-Locations

Travel time hysteresis.

The calculated travel time from Point A to Point B can be different than the travel time from Point B to Point A. For example Murray field in Burlingame is very easy to reach when traveling from the south and is substantially more difficult to get to when traveling from the north.

Parking time

Travel durations calculated by google do not include provisions for parking or actually getting to the field. For example referees need to budget substantial time to get to their field when working at the Polo Fields in San Francisco. Finding a parking space can be challenging and even with the best parking space, you may still be 300 yards from the pitch.

Every Location has a "Arrival" time and a "Departure" time. Arrival represents some minutes that it typically takes to park and then get from the parking space to the fields at that Location. Departure represents some minutes that it typically takes to leave the field and get back to the parked vehicle.

We add the appropriate arrival and departure time when calculating the travel time between two venues. The number displayed for travel between Point A and Point B is the sum of the departure value for Point A + the google maps travel time + the arrival value for Point B.

Time of day

Travel times are calculated using google average travel patterns for Saturday at noon. Referees should be cognizant that conditions can change due to weather or special events.

Created 7/21/18