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Given a specific match (a Match Number), the system can find "similar" matches.

This mechanism is very close to Referee:Inquiry. in that it queries the matches table using criteria (filters) to find specific matches. The difference is that this mechanism looks for matches that are "similar" to a baseline match. The criteria that you use answer the question "how similar?"

For each match characteristic (gender, level, client, date, time, etc.) other Matches can be deemed similar. Each match characteristic can be either:

  • The SAME as the baseline match
    For example you may want the SimilarDate=Same so that you are only considering matches on the same date to be similar.
  • The SAME AS CRITERIA - that is the same as the referee's Inquiry Search Criteria
    For example say you have developed and saved personal criteria to only show you matches from a handful of specific clients. You can then look for similar matches but still only from those identified Clients.
  • ALL - any value is considered the similar
    For example you may want to set SimilarGender=All as you might be looking for another game at about the same date and time, but are indifferent if the match is Boys or Girls

How to use Similar?

There are two ways to activate the Find a Similar Match process.

  • At Referee:Inquiry, enter a Match Number in the Criteria and Click Show. Then Click similar OR
  • Click on the similar icon in the Action column in the results list

Why use Similar?

  • Perhaps you had a match and it was canceled. You can search for similar matches that might be open.
  • Perhaps you are interested in signing up for a match, but want to see what else might be similar . Maybe one of those other matches would be more interesting to you.

How to get back to normal Inquiry?

Click on the similaroff icon to return to Referee:Inquiry