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How do I get Notifications via Cellular Phone Alerts?Printable

Cellular phone alerts are similar to text message. The notification comes via the TouchLine Mobile App. Your phone will buzz, ring, vibrate and/or display a message/icon.

  1. Install the free TouchLine App on your mobile device

    After you sign up, your device will appear among the options at Services:Profile-Messaging (1 in the graphic)

  2. Choose which Notifications will go to the Touchline App on your phone

    At Services:Profile-Messaging select which Notifications will be sent to the phone (3 in the graphic)

  3. Click Update (4 in the graphic)


1 The graphic shows "Test Referee" has installed the TouchLine App on an iPhone 5 and a Droid XT1254

2 Test Referee has subscribed to the "Critical Assignments" and has indicated that any message broadcast by an assignor to this list will go to Test Referee's SiteMail, Email, Text and both mobile devices.

3 Test Referee also wants any assignments and updates in assignments to go to Site Mail, his email and to his Android phone.