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Match Pay Rates - Fee SchedulePrintable

Referee compensation can be a function of the match characteristics and the referee's grade level or ranking. Currently (June 2017) we use match characteristics to establish referee pay.

Referee compensation can be adjusted to include a Pensra Chapter Fee, an Assignor Fee or Travel. Currently (June 2017), these features are not being used.

The match characteristics used to establish pay rates are:

  • PlayingLeague
  • Location
  • Client
  • Season
  • Class
  • Gender
  • AgeLevel
  • Bracket

Often referees think that compensation is $0.50/minute of match time + $X. That is not how the system works. A BU19 Premier game is more difficult than GU17 Copper and should be compensated differently.

See Services:Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees. To find the appropriate fee schedule for a particular match, click on the Match detail in Referee:Inquiry and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Fee Schedules for Clients that do not use Pensra may NOT be up to date. Contact your Assignor for the most up to date fee scheddule.

Grade Bump

Grade Bump feature is currently not available. Some matches can have a "Grade Bump" . This means that a referee of a specified USSF Grade will get an additional fee, a bonus for working this match. Example a Regional referee might get paid an additional $10 for working a Tournament Final. Grade Bumps are stored in the Options-Fees Table in the format of {Grade}=>{$ additional}