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How to file a Match Report?Printable

I was assigned to the Match

Click on the Match hyperlink asking for MatchReports when you enter the Referee segment.

I originally was NOT assigned to the Match

Often Referees will fill in for a last minute no show or injury. You deserve credit (payment) for that Match.

  • Using Referee:Inquiry or Information:Inquiry find the Match Number
  • Click through to Referee:MatchReport
  • Enter the Match Number and Click "Retrieve"

The Match Report

Complete the Match Report completely and accurately. It is a requirement of Law 5 for the referee to "keep a record of the Match". Some Match Reports are used to calculate referee compensation. One method that the Internal Revenue Service uses to differentiate between employees and independent contractors is that independent contractors are required to complete a report of each job they complete.


If ANYTHING slightly out of the ordinary happened, you must select a descriptive Note. This is how you communicate with your assignor about this Match. The assignor needs to know if:

  • You or any of the referees were late, no-showed.
  • You or any of the referees were assaulted.
  • A player got injured. A coach was dismissed. The goals were missing.
  • The match was abandoned or terminated.
  • The list of choices is extensive - USE the Notes.


Provide details. Especially when it comes to abusive players, coaches or sidelines. Often the League will ask Pensra, "What did the Referees say about Match #12345?" The League is asking because someone reported to the League that there was a problem. When we have all three referees reporting the same unusual event at a Match, that gives us all credibility.

A history of behavior for a team, documented by the referees has proven very useful in disciplinary proceedings. Referee reports have contributed to teams being disbanded and banned.

Referee Crew

This is crucial. Here you report who worked the match with you. It is critical that you be accurate here. Don't try to cover up if a referee did not show. It reflects poorly on YOU. Claiming to work a match and not having worked the match is fraud and will lead to disciplinary action.

I originally was assigned to the Match BUT I did not work the Match

Sometimes Referees will no show due to injury, or other circumstances.

Contact the assignor -- text, phone, email, carrier pigeon, whatever as soon as you realize you will not be able to work your match. NO SHOW - NO CALL will lead to discipline, up to a complete ban from all Pensra matches. (It has happened!)

When assigned to a match you MUST complete a match report. You will not be permitted to self assign till all you missing match reports are filed.

In the Notes section you can select "No Show - I did not work this match". You will want to clarify in the Comments.

Examples of what to put in the Comments

  • Assignor miscommunication - The assignor marked you confirmed on a match and you never told the assignor that you would work that match.
  • Assignment was not accepted. The match was offered to you and your status was unconfirmed. You never knew about the assignment.
  • Transportation trouble. Uber went out of business. A bus strike. Bicycle flat tire.
  • Uh I Forgot. Own up. You slept in.
  • Got stuck in traffic. Traffic can be a nightmare. Plan accordingly. But if Highway 101 gets shut down due to something - note it.
  • Misread Schedule. You honestly thought the match was at 1 PM but it actually was at 11 AM.
  • Do Not Recall any Details - Filing Report to clear the missing reports flag. You just want to get back to Self Assigning.

Some Assignors calculate payments to referees from the Match Reports. Accuracy is crucial Filing a false Match Report is FRAUD.

Any Match Report with a NOTE selected has to be reviewed before you will be paid. If you did not work the match, you will not be paid, in fact you may incur a fine.