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Subscription Lists

Assignors and Officers can broadcast messages to a subset of Users. They do so by sending these messages to a List.

You can choose which Lists you want to receive and where you want the messages to go.

  • Announcements
    Pensra Meetings, membership, elections, policy updates, rules, payroll, etc.
  • Assignments
    Information on open assignments, your assignments, schedule changes, field closures, unconfirmed assignments..
  • CriticalAssignments
    Last minute openings and appeals for referees.
  • Tournaments
    Information regarding upcoming tournaments.
  • Training
    Information regarding clinics, re-certification, license renewal, upgrading, speakers.
Go to Services:Subscriptions to control your subscriptions..



When specified data elements are changed, a Notification is sent to impacted individuals. Notifications are by design terse - better suited for being sent to mobile devices.

  • Referee.Assignment
    Notifies the referee when they are assigned or removed from an assignment.
  • Referee.AssignmentUpdate
    Notifies the referee when the Field,Date,Time,Status,Client,Level,Gender data is changed on any of the referee's assignments.
  • Assignor.AssignmentUpdate
    Notifies the assignor when the Field,Date,Time,Status,Client,Level,Gender data is changed on any of the referee's assignments.
  • Assignor.AssignmentReject
    Notifies the assignor when a referee rejects (does not accept) an assignment offered to the referee.
  • Assignor.AssignmentRequest
    Notifies the assignor when a referee requests an assignment. The request will ALWAYS go to the Assignor's SiteMail Inbox. The Assignor can also forward the Request to other devices/locations.
  • Assignor.AssignmentTurnback
    Notifies the assignor when a referee turns back an assignment previously accepted by the referee.
  • Administrator.Audit
    Notifies the Administrator when any of these datafields are changed: dopPatterns,dopRules,dopNotes,dusBirthDate,dusAddress,dusCity,dusZip
  • Administrator.MessageNotice
    Notifies the Administrator when a processing error is encountered.
  • Treasurer.Audit
    Notifies the Treasurer when a Users profile information has been edited. For example dusBirthDate,dusAddress,dusCity,dusZip
  • Services.Mail
    Notifies Users when a non-automated message has been sent to SiteMail. Only includes individual messages that were sent from an individual. Does not include any automated Subscription List Broadcasts or other Notifications that were sent to SiteMail.
Go to Services:Profile-Messaging to control your Notifications..


Alerts via RSS Feed

You can also subscribe to an rss RSS feed of the Alerts sent to you. See the FAQ

April 2014, Updated November 2018