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Golden Gate Invitational Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 8/27/18

Referee Instructions

Arrive 30 minutes before your first match. Late? Matches will be reassigned to other referees. Running late? - call 650 - 290-0365 Leave message if necessary.

Check in with the referee tent or field marshal. Check that your referee crew is present. Call missing members.

If working 3 or more matches - you will be given funds to purchase lunch. There are enough referees to fill in if you need a break. Send off reports must be filled immediately. If necessary, have someone cover your next match while you complete your sendoff report.

Match Cards

Obtain Match card from Field Marshal. Return to Field Marshal after match.
Our goal is 100% accurate score reporting.
All player names must be on match card.


Laminated USClub or CYSA passes required. - no pass no play. Passes will be checked by Field Marshal. Some Field Marshal's may need help in checking-in teams. Field Marshals are volunteers. Referees are paid. Referees that are floaters or that are waiting for the next match are expected to assist in checking-in teams. It is still referee's responsibility that player's equipment meets the requirements of Law 4.

No metal cleats on synthetic turf fields.


Only adults with passes on team side. At least one adult per team.

Send offs

Obtain send-off report from field marshal. Complete report IMMEDIATELY after match - quickly if you have another match. Field marshal to contact tournament director.

Ball Size

U08 - U12 Size 4
Other Size 5

U-09 & U-10

  • YES Build out line.
  • PK's taken 10 yds from the goal line.
  • One "redo" on illegal throw-in.
  • Goal kicks will be taken from goal area. If no goal area is painted use cones to mark a 4x8 yds goal area (per USSF).
  • No deliberate heading. Award IFK


No deliberate heading. Award IFK

Goal kicks will be taken from goal area. If no goal area is painted use cones to mark a 5x16 yds (per USSF) goal area.


Goal kicks will be taken from goal area. If no goal area is painted use cones to mark a 5x16 yds (per USSF) goal area.

U-13 up



Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage with referee's approval..

Match Length

7v7 20 minute halves
9v9 25 minute halves
11v11 30 minute halves

Half time is 5 minutes

Injury time will NOT be added to the length of any game, except for the most extenuating circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the referee. . But this is a tournament and matches must start on time (no more than 5 minutes late). Please limit added time. Please end matches on time.

Semifinal, Championship and Consolation Matches

Semifinal. Tied at end of regulation. KFTM
Champinship/Consolation Tied at end of regulation time - two 5 minute overtime periods will be played to full completion. Still tied -- KFTM

Number Players

U09 - U10 -- 7 v 7 (5 to start or continue) -- max.14 dressed
U11 - U12 -- 9 v 9 (5 to start or continue) -- max.14 dressed
U13 up -- 11 v 11 (7 to start or continue) -- max. 18 dressed

Home Team

  • Team listed first on match card.
  • Home team wears dark jerseys. Away team wears light jerseys. Home team switches if conflict.
  • Home team supplies match ball(s)

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