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A number of youth recreational and competitive soccer clubs/organizations and a number of youth tournaments assign referees via the website. This is the website for the Peninsula Soccer Referees Association.

The website's assigning software is powerful and has many different options. This note is intended to help you quickly get to where you want to go. Not all the options and features are outlined here, but hopefully enough to get you started.

Opt In / Opt Out to Subscription Lists

We operate under the philosophy that the referee should decide whether or not the referee wants to get emails and messages. You control this by logging in and visiting Services:Profile-Messaging. Our general philosophy is to NOT depend on email for assigning and critical time sensitive messages. We encourage referees to opt in to what notifications and subscriptions they want, and to opt out of those they do not want.

We also encourage referees to check the status of their matches on the website shortly before they leave for a match. Email is notorious for getting lost, unread, sent to the wrong address, placed in spam folders, deleted and delayed. Over 11,000 matches (33,000 referee slots) were assigned in 2011 on the website. Even if there was only a 1% email failure rate, that would equate to over 100 matches where there was a communication problem. We feel that the email failure rate is too high, and so we do not depend on email.

1) Logon and go to Services
2) Go to Profile
3) Go to Messaging

4) The website includes a feature called Notifications These Notices may include information that a Match time has changed or a Match has been canceled. You establish where you want Notifications sent at Services:Profile-Messaging.

5) The website includes a feature called Mail. Use Mail to send and receive messages from assignors. You can send Subscriptions and Notices to your Mail.

6) The website includes a feature called Subscription List. You can subscribe to get information regarding assignments, tournaments and training. You can indicate where (if anywhere) you want information regarding these lists sent to you. You also indicate that you do not want any information.

7) You can and add additional email addresses - for example your cell phone address so that you get your emails as text messages.

8) Click "Update" when you are finished making any changes. This page may take several seconds to update. This is because we query your email addresses to make sure that they have legitimate domain names.


You can let the assignors know your interest to referee matches and your availability at Referee:Availability. We do not use detailed referee availability. For the majority of our matches, we allow referees to request specific matches. However, for the SF Cup we are asking for your availability in 1/2 day increments.

1) Logon
2) Go to Referee:Availability
3) Select the Clients/Clubs that you would like to referee.
4) Click Update

RSS Feeds

Every time you logon and visit the Referee segment of the website you will have a message if you have any unconfirmed assignments. You can subscribe to have these and similar messages sent to you. Click on the rss symbol after logging on and clicking on the Referee segment.

Look for Matches

Referee:Inquiry is the tool that you use to see what matches are available and what matches have been assigned. You can search for matches on multiple criteria (filters). I suggest that you :
1) + 2) Go to Referee:Inquiry
3) Look for "Mine + Open" matches in Referee and AR
4) Look in a specific date range. You can put in "Today" or "+21 days".
5) Look for a specific PlayingLeague
6) When ready click on "Show"

Confirm your Assignments

When you are offered an assignment, you must confirm the assignment. This lets the assignor know that you have accepted the assignment. If you do not confirm your assignments, the assignor might give your assignment to another referee.

1) Go to Referee:Inquiry. Enter your search Criteria and Click on Show. You get a Results List.
2) unconfirmed This shows that the position is unconfirmed.
3) The referee has to select the green +? confirm to accept the assignment. The referee can also select the red -? reject to turn down the assignment.
4) You can see the other referees on the crew and whether they have accepted the assignment.
5) If the position is open , you can click on the mail request icon to send a message to the assignor asking for the slot.
6) Also note that there will be a one page summary of the competition rules at the bookgreen icon.
7) Directions to the field are hyperlinked


There is an extensive FAQ section under Referee:FAQ . Also see Services:FAQ and Information :FAQ.

Many pages have specific page help. Click on Help in the top right hand corner of the page.