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AYSO Area 2N Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

League rules last updated 9/22/13. Tournament rules last updated 10/17/15.

End of Season Tournament

1) Elimination (e.g. non-final) matches
- U16 is a single elimination. U19 is a single elimination
- Both U16 and U19 will play 60 minutes games.
- No overtime. If tied at the end of regulation, Kicks From The Mark, per FIFA, will decide the winner

2) Final matches
- Full length games; U16 - 80 minutes. U19 - 90 minutes
- If tied at the end of regulation, 2 overtime periods, 5 minutes each (10 minutes total) will be played, per FIFA (e.g. no golden goal, all 10 minutes must be played).
- If tied at the end of overtime, Kicks From The Mark, per FIFA, will decide the winner
- SPECIAL CASE for 2015. The U16G Final Will NOT have OT periods (if tied at the end of regulation) and will go straight to KFTM. (The Match start time of 8 PM is too late to accommodate OT periods.)

3) League Rules & Regulations are still enforced where do they not conflict with these modifications

4) A player will not miss tournament games due to yellow card accumulation. (See R&R 11.B) A player will miss tournament games due to red cards. (See R&R 11.A and 11.C)


Free substitution of players allowed at the following times:

  • Own team's throw-in. If a team subs on its own throw-in, the other team may sub too. The "Me-too" rule.
  • At any goal kick or kick off
  • During an injury stoppage, if the coach is called onto the field, any player from either team may be substituted. New for 2013
  • A player receiving a caution (yellow card) may be substituted at the discretion of the coach. No other players may be substituted at this time.

Match Cards & Player time monitoring

Both teams are to provide a filled AYSO match card. Home team to provide a stamped addressed envelopes for referee report.

Both teams to have a Time Monitor. Detailed instructions at> Coaches are not to interfere with time monitors. Coaches to sign both time monitoring sheets. Referees to include time monitoring sheets with match card and mailed to the Area 2N League.

Player Passes

Players to have photo AYSO issued, current year passes. No passes-no play. Coaches are to have medical release forms in their possession. Referees to verify forms are present.


At least 1 adult and no more than 2 adults must have a pass with a photo must be on team side for the entire match. Adults on the player side of the field to have in their possession and visible to the referee an AYSO Coach License. Typically this identification is hung around the neck.

Send offs

Confiscate the player pass. Contact your Regional Referee Administrator.

Ball Size

U14 and up Size 5


All FIFA rules (except substitution) apply
11v11; 40 minute halves
All players must play 1/2 match.

All FIFA rules (except substitution) apply
11v11; 45 minute halves
All players must play 1/2 match.


Same side of field.
Coaching within 10 yards of center line.
Spectators other side of field. NO one behind the goal lines.

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