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Why won't the website send me an email?Printable

Why won't the website send me an email when {I want an email}?

  1. Email receipt is not audited.

    There is no way for the sender to know for sure if the recipient received the email.

  2. Emails get lost in cyberspace.

    Fully 66% of all email traffic that is delivered to our servers is deleted by our spam filters. Other servers do similar pruning. Occasionally, legitimate emails are deleted too.

  3. Emails get sent to spam folders.

    Some ISPs and some email programs will isolate our emails into a Spam folder. The recipient may not notice this for minutes, hours, days or even weeks.

  4. Emails get delayed.

    An email sent now, may get delivered in 1 minute, 10 minutes, a few days and even as long as months from now. The sender has no control over when email arrives.  Some Internet Service Providers will intentionally delay emails from suspected spammers.

  5. can get labeled a "spammer".

    When a website sends out a large number of automatically generated emails, some internet service providers will label the website as a "spammer" and then all email from us to that ISP gets trashed. Yeech!

We offer RSS Feed

RSS Feed is a means where your email program, or smart phone or website or similar device can query the Pensra website and tell you if any messages have been sent to your account. This is an "opt-in" mechanism that is more reliable than the website blasting out emails to you.

We offer Notifications and Subscriptions

Notifications When specified data elements are modified, a Notification can be sent to the individuals impacted. You can see which Notifications might be sent to you at Services:Profile-Messaging. You can set where your Notifications will be sent. Options include:

    • Site Mail - the mail and message system on
    • Email address(es) in your profile
    • Text message to a mobile device
    • TouchLine App for your mobile device

Notice that there is the ability to get a Notification when you get SiteMail . Called Notify.Services.Mail. Because you can specify to send Notifications to SiteMail and you can tell SiteMail to send messages on, it is possible to establish duplicate messaging. Duplicate messaging clogs up your Inbox or Phone. To prevent this, automated messages (such as other Notifications or Subscription List broadcasts) when sent to SiteMail are NOT forwarded. Only custom messages from individuals are forwarded. If you want automated messages forwarded, establish your desire for each type of custom message in the other portions of Profile-Messaging.

Subscriptions Officers and Assignors can send out Broadcast to selected groups of Users. You can chose which types of Mail lists you wish to subscribe to and where that Mail is sent at Services:Profile-Messaging