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Default Match Difficulty and Referee Capability RanksPrintable

Youth soccer matches have a default difficulty ranking as outlined below. Referees also have a ranking considering their experience and training. (Actually referees get two rankings, one as the Referee and one as the Assistant Referee.)

These rankings are used to facilitate Self-Assign. A referee with a ranking of X or higher can Self-Assign themselves to any Match with a difficulty ranking of X or below. Occasionally, assignors may note their matches as more difficult or easier than these default values.

The game difficulty ranking is a guideline only. Games may be harder or easier.

Rec. = Recreational soccer. Teams are typically only for a single season. Teams typically play in their immediate community. This level of soccer for youth is dominated by AYSO on the San Francisco Peninsula and by the SFYSL in San Francisco. Coaches are typically volunteers. Teams typically practice once a week, primarily during the season.
Comp. = Competitive soccer. Also known as travel team, classic or NorCal. In San Francisco called Upper House. Teams are designated by color: include Copper, Bronze and Silver. Teams typically are formed by tryouts, play 2 seasons annually and 1 - 4 tournaments annually. Players stay on a team from year to year. Coaches are often compensated. Teams typically practice twice a week, primarily during the season and some off season practice.
Premier = Premier soccer. Also known as premier, gold or silver elite. Teams are formed by tryouts and hold tryouts to add additional players. Coaches are typically compensated. Teams will play 2-3 seasons annually and will participate in 3-6 tournaments annually. Players stay with the team from season to season. Teams typically practice 2-3 times a week year round.

Edited 9/1/2017.
Edited 10/13/2019 to differentiate between solo and 3 referee crews on U little matches
Edited 12/14/19 to repair missing division in PAASL
Added Zog and Coed Sunday League