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How can I get a RSS feed of Referee Alerts?Printable

RSS Feed

rss RSS feed is a means where individuals can request information and get updates from a website without having to constantly visit the website. The individual "subscribes" to obtain the information. The individual requests the information from the website, which works better than the website sending information out (as in via automated emails).

Referees can subscribe to have the information displayed in many different means, including

  • Email client programs
  • Cell phone applications
  • Website / browser

Available Information

The types of information that will appear in the RSS feed from includes:

  • Are there any unread Mail messages
    Mail is used by Assignors to communicate to Referees regarding requested assignments.
    Mail is used to communicate to Referees about changes in Match details.
  • List of Upcoming Assignments
  • List of Unconfirmed Assignments
    If an Assignor has offered the Referee an assignment, it will be listed here.
  • List of Missing Match Reports

How do I sign up?

  1. Go to Services:Profile-Preferences and click checked the ICS flag.

    This step opts in to making your notices, reminders and schedule available to the rss feed. Though unlikely, this means that anyone could access this information.

  2. Return to this page and click on the rss icon in this line.