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NorCal Premier Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 7/10/2019

Match Cards

Both teams are to provide a pre-printed roster to the Referee. Absolutely no write-ins accepted. Home team provides a Match card which is filled out and signed by the Referee and by a representative from each team and returned to the home team.

Referee Crew

  • NorCal requires a full crew of referees for every 11v11 game.
  • NorCal permits the use of 1 referee in 7v7 and 9v9 matches. Use club lines that can only call ball out.
  • Under NO circumstances is a 2 man-2 whistle system to be used.


1) An individual player may not play in a NorCal State Cup or Premier League Match if he/she does not have a Player Pass at the game.
2) If a whole team is missing player passes (lost, forgotten, etc.), the game should be played using the official game card roster. The team must take a picture of all players BEFORE the match.
3) If a team has their cards but are missing one or more player cards, those players CAN NOT play.

Health Care Professional

A player with a suspected concussion will leave the match and cannot return unless cleared by a health care professional. The health care professional must be presented to the referee BEFORE the match.


Maximum of 3 adults permitted in technical area. All must have a USClub pass.

Send offs

Do not confiscate the pass. Leave the pass with the team. You will need the player's ID number from the pass. Within 24 hours go to> and fill out a send off report.

Deliberate Heading

In U11 matches and younger, deliberate heading of the ball is to be whistled. Award an IFK for the opponents.

  • When there is both a goal area and a penalty area, an IFK awarded to the attackers with in the goal area is to be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line.
  • In 7v7 matches where there is no goal area, IFK awarded to the attackers with in the penalty area are to be taken from the penalty area line parallel to the goal line closest to the point of the infraction.

Match Length

FALL .......................................                                           S...........SUMMER 
U08-U10 : 2 - 25 minute halves    7v7............                                  U08-U09 : 2 - 25 minute halves    7v7
U11-U12 : 2 - 30 minute halves     9v9............                                 U10-U11 : 2 - 30 minute halves    9v9
U13 ......... 2 - 35 minute halves    11v11 ............                             U12-U13 : 2 - 35 minute halves    11v11
U14-U16 : 2 - 40 minute halves ............ Unique!                             U14-U16 : 2 - 40 minute halves
U17-U19 : 2 - 45 minute halves ............                                           U17-U19 : 2 - 45 minute halves 

Player Counts

Minimum 5 players to start or continue
Maximum 14 players on roster

Minimum 6 players to start or continue
Maximum 16 players on roster

Minimum 7 players to start or continue
Maximum 18 players on roster

Ball Size

U08- U12 Size 4
U13 up Size 5

7v7 Build Out Line

Build Out Line Intent is to promote more touches, Better decision making

  • Build Out line is equidistant from halfway line and the penalty area line
    Can be noted with flat cones
  • Goalkeeper has ball in her/his hands? => Opponents must retreat behind build out line
  • Goalkeeper can NOT punt or drop kick the ball. Restart with IFK .
  • On goal kick, opponents must retreat behind build out line
    Must remain behind build out line till ball is in play (kicked and moves) 
  • An attacker is NOT in an offside position if they have not crossed the build out line.
    AR's (if used) patrol from goal line to build out line
  • Goal kick taken from the goal area 


At the discretion and permission of the Referee. EITHER team may substitute at any

Referees are advised to discourage gamesmanship, "time-wasting", or excessive substitutions.

Orthopedic Supports

Hard casts, air splints, metal splints - forbidden.
Soft casts okay - if deemed safe.
Braces okay - if deemed safe

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