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What a Referee should know/realize about Evaluations?Printable

Pensra invites coaches, managers and other referees to provide their feedback about how a Referee performed during the specific Assignment (we call this an Evaluation).

This Evaluation is not designed to be, nor is it intended in any way to be a replacement for, an Assessment which is a reference to the more formal process where a Referee is observed by a formally trained USSF Assessor (typically for the purpose of pursuing a USSF License upgrade) or a Pensra Rank upgrade).

About the Evaluator

The Evaluator is simply an individual that attended and personally observed a Match Assignment.

We do request that the Evaluator identify himself/herself, a contact Email or Phone, as well as their Affiliation (Home, Away). However, we do not display the Evaluator's Identity to the Referee as the specific identity of the individual isn't what the focus of an Evaluation should be.

If it is necessary (for some reason) to contact the Evaluator, a Pensra Assignor or Officer will do so on the behalf of the Referee/Association. The Referee should never directly contact an Evaluator (should the identity of the Evaluator become known to the Referee).

Interpreting the Results

It is important that the Referee realize that every Referee has good and bad days out on the pitch. The secret is to elevate one's ability so that the good days happen a lot and the bad days happen rarely. To achieve this consistency, we all need to receive as much feedback as possible.

Implied in this is the key to interpreting the Evaluations. It is the trends or patterns we (as Referees) need to watch closely. If multiple Evaluations rate the Referee very poorly for Punctuality, it's a pattern that can be corrected by simply showing up at the Assignment earlier. This is an example of how to interpret the results....if one Evaluation in ten suggests a Referee is appearing 'late' it could be simply that traffic was horrible on that day. On the other hand, if nine of ten Evaluations indicates the Referee is 'late'...a pattern has emerged.

Thus, look for patterns and don't get overly focused on one specific Evaluation.

The Referee Clarification

It's not uncommon for an Evaluator to make a specific comment or provide an observation about a particular event that occurred during a Match. Sometimes it's just the Evaluator venting anger (in which case, you should judge if you followed and applied the Laws properly), but...regardless...the Evaluator's Comments are theirs to do with as they deem appropriate.

The Comments are reviewed by Pensra Officers (ie. Assignors) and you, as the Referee, might like to provide a reaction to the Evaluator's Comments or just your own observations of what went on during the Assignment. The Clarification is for this purpose. Pick out the specific Evaluation from Referee: Evaluations and provide your Clarification/Explanation/Comments in the Clarification box and click Update.

Your Clarification is NOT provided back to the Evaluator and is only for Pensra use (yours as well as Assignor/Officer reference).

You do NOT have to record a Clarification (if you've nothing to say), but are welcome to do so.

Updated: November 2010