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How can I print a wallet card for my game?Printable

One Method

Get a print out of your Match by going to Referee:Inquiry-Wallet and entering the Match number or going to Referee:Inquiry and selecting the key # for a Match and then clicking on the pdf or printable symbol. A pdf file will be generated. You can save or print the pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The current size of the printout is a full page (8.5' x 11') Unfortunately, one wallet print out per page, and you will need to fold the printout to fit in your standard wallet.

Another Method

Go to Referee:Inquiry. In the Criteria at the top half of the page, place a checked next to the Action box. Click "Show". In the Results List, the right most column will be the Action Column. Click on the printable icon.

Yet another Method

Go to Referee:Inquiry. Enter Criteria to look for the Match of interest. Make sure that Match # has a checked next to it. Click "Show". Click on the hyperlinked Key number in the first column for the Match of interest. Details of the Match will be displayed. Click on the printable icon in the header of match details.