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Guide to Referee:Inquiry page symbolsPrintable

On the Referee:Inquiry page there are a number of symbols that allow for one-click functions. Assignments are shown as {ASSIGNMENT STATUS} { Referee Name } {FUNCTIONS}



open OPEN This assignment has not been filled.
accept ACCEPT This referee has accepted this assignment.
no NO This referee does not want this assignment. The referee is responsible for the assignment unless another referee picks it up.
unconfirmed UNCONFIRMED This referee has not yet accepted or rejected this assignment.



On the Inquiry page, click on these symbols to initiate the indicated Action.

selfassign SELF ASSIGN You are eligible to assign yourself to this assisgnment.
email REQUEST You can request this assignment by sending a Notice to the Assignor.
turnback TURNBACK You can try to turn down an assignment that you previsouly accepted. (Turnbacks too close to the match date will not be accepted.)
confirm CONFIRM You can accept an assignment offered to you by the Assignor.
reject REJECT You can turn down an assignment offered to you by the Assignor. (Poor form to reject an assignment you requested.)