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How to customize and use Calendar?Printable

You can customize the calendar function to show your matches and the matches of other referees. Useful if you have more than one referee in your household.

  • Referee Assignments
    If you are a Referee, your Assignments, as well as the Assignments of referees that are also your relatives (spouse, siblings, children, parents) can be displayed.
  • Chapter News
    Chapter Officers might post calendar events regarding meetings, training clinics, or ......... Though this capability exists, currently (January 2010) ChapterOfficers are not using this feature of the website.

The Steps

To customize your personal calendar:

  1. Log on to the website. (You've done that if you are reading this.)
  2. Go to the Referees Segment and click on Calendar
  3. Click on Customize.
  4. Enter the name(s) of referees that you want included in your Calendar. If you have JavaNames enabled, you will need to click on the name when it pops up. (See Profile to establish or disable JavaNames.) After you have made a selection, click 'Update' and you will be given the option to add another selection.
  5. Check the 'Scheduled Events' Box if you want date orientated events from the Chapter to appear on your 'MyCalendar'. (Not implemented as of April 2012)

The 'normal' settings will be to check both boxes and make selections from the customization pulldowns.

Use Calendar

Open Calendar from Referee:Calendar.

For Matches you will see a hyperlinked calendar entry in the form of Time.
An example would be 2:00 pm

The hyperlink will take you to Information:Inquiry and give you all the Match details. You might also discover these features:

  • referee There is an 'R' for matches where you are the Referee.
  • ar1 ar2 There is an '1' or '2' for matches you are an Assistant Referee.
  • mentor There is an 'M' for mentor assignments
  • 4th There is an '4' for fourth official assignments
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the 'R', '1', '2' or 'M' will bring up a pop up box with the field.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the Time will bring up a pop up box with the names of the entire referee crew.

Updated 2/22/18