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How does Turnback work?Printable

The process used to return an AssignmentAssignment back into an Available status is called TurnbackTurnback You activate this logic for Assignments you have by clicking your way to Referee:Inquiry-Turnback or the Turnback symbol turnback in the results list of Referee:Inquiry

Turnback Rules

When you request a Turnback, evaluates a series of conditions called Rules to determine if your Turnback can be permitted or not. The Rules are, as follows:

Assigned: Are you assigned to one of the Positions?
To Turnback an Assignment, you (as a Referee) must be assigned to one of the positions on the Match.
LeadTime: Have you provided sufficient notice?
You are also required to Turnback the Assignment within a reasonable number of days PRIOR to the scheduled Match Date. If your Turnback is more than the LeadTime setting, your name will be removed by Turnback from the Assignment and you are no longer responsible for the Assignment. If your Turnback is less than LeadTime, you must contact the appropriate Assignor to remove your name. YOU REMAIN RESPONSIBLE for the Assignment until another Referee takes the Assignment or the Assignor removes your name. The LeadTime Limit is displayed when you attempt to Turnback the assignment.

If you do NOT pass the Rules

Contact the appropriate Assignor, who will have to override the decisions of the Site to remove you from the Assignment.

If you pass the Rules...

Click the Confirm Turnback button you'll see at the bottom of the Rules Table. You remain associated with the Assignment until you click this button. Do NOT forget to click the button.

If you did not provide sufficient notice (the LeadTime rule), your name will be listed with the Assignment along with the no symbol indicating that you do not want this assignment and would welcome some other referee to take the Assignment. DO remember that you are required to fulfill the Assignment, unless another referee takes the Assignment. Here's hoping other referees are watching and will pick up the Assignment.