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Mission Youth SL Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 6/11/2021


Masks all participants all the time. Limited spectators.  No food or drinks.

Match Reports

Submit match reports online at the Pensra website-> Must logon.


ALL Players will be checked in by a Field Marshall.   Referees do not handle match cards or passes.   Referees still are responsible for player safety and proper equipment.  


At least 1 coaches/adults in the Technical Area ("Coaches' Box"). Adults must have a US Soccer pass. Adults without a pass cannot be on the team sideline. Rule 8.01 and 8.02  Updated 6/11/21

Technical Area

A team's bench shall only be that area 1 yard from the touch line and extending 10 yards, one way from the half line. Do not tolerate harassment or dissent.    Show cards as appropriate.  


Not permitted behind goal line.  No alcohol or tobacco.  Use coach and field marshal to regulate spectator behavior.   Abandon the match for extreme sideline misconduct.   


One USSF Referee (no club linesmen, no STAR referees)

Send offs

Sent off players to remain with the team official(s).   Sent off players must remove their jersey and cleats.   Sent off team officials must leave the vicinity of the field.   No other properly credentialed team official? => abandon the match.  Complete a Cal North 24-Hour Referee Send Off Report.  

Ball Size

U08 - Size 3   
U10 - Size 4   
U12 - Size 4  
U14+ - Size 5     


Play the match and let the league sort the situation out later.  

Number of Players

All matches are 7v7 Minimum 5 Maximum 13

Match Length

Games will start on time if the field is available.

All matches are 2 X 25 minute  BUT schedules are very tight.   If you start late, shave minutes off each half to end on time.  
From a practical perspective, each half will be 22 or 23 minutes at most.   

Do safety checks, coin toss, collecting the game ball, choosing sides, greet coach/captains on the sideline during the previous game.   Help hustle players and teams off the field and out of the technical area.

5 minute half time all levels

Laws of the game

No slide tackling permitted at all ages
Goalkeepers cannot punt or drop kick the ball across the center line.  Infractions are an IFK  Changed 6/11/21
Offside  Enforced at all ages.

... No deliberate heading.. Infractions are an IFK.

U10 and under
     7v7 Build out line 

  • Home team to mark a build out line equidistant between the halfway line and the top of the penalty area with flat cones.
  • Attackers should move back to the build out line when the goalkeeper has possession, or on a goal kick
  • Players must remain behind the build out line until the ball is in play on goal kicks or when the ball is released from the hands of the keeper
  • The keeper cannot punt or drop kick the ball from their hands
  • Attackers cannot be in an offside position while behind the build out line
  • Infractions result in an IFK


Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage with referee permission

Home team

  • Listed first on the schedule.
  • Provides game ball
  • Changes jersey if there is a color conflict.   No pennies or alternative jersey? Abandon the match .

Championship/Playoff Matches

Tied at end of regulation => 2 full 5 minute overtime.   Followed by FIFA KFTPM