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How do I manually request a Match?

NOTE: We require that you first attempt to SelfAssign to an Assignment.    Doing so will highlight any Fails that might preclude you from being assigned to the assignment.   This requirement was added because too many referees were asking for assignments for which they were not qualified or assignments that conflicted with their known schedule.


If you know the Match #, go to Referee:Inquiry-Request


1) Click on the imail icon at Referee:Inquiry

2) Click on "Request"

3) Click on the more icon 


4)  Scan the SelfAssign rules and see why you were not able to SelfAssign or why the assignment was not available to SelfAssign.   Then Click on the link to "manually request the match"


5) Enter a Reason for the Assignor and Click on Request.

The Assignor will get a internal Mail message with your request.   The message will include the SelfAssign "Fails".    Check back often to see if you are assigned.