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My match was cancelled. Will I get paid?Printable

Pensra has no rules regarding paying referees for cancelled matches. Referees work for a team, club or for an assignor. Referees are paid by a team, club or by an assignor. Each team, club or assignor that hires referees should have a set of rules regarding if a referee is paid for a cancelled match.

These rules are typically along the lines of:

For cancellations due to weather and the match has not been started, the referees are NOT compensated. Weather includes:

  • Rain, snow, sleet, wind
  • Smoke, unhealthy air quality

For cancellations by the owner of the field (for example school district or parks department) due to unforeseeable circumstances, the referees are NOT compensated. This includes:

  • Recent rain and closure to protect the surface
  • Physical damage to the facility - for example vandalism, a sink hole or water pipe breakage

For cancellations made prior to some club specific point in time, the referees are NOT compensated. The point in time is typically:

  • 72 hours before scheduled match time, or
  • Wednesday evening at 7 PM before a weekend match, or
  • NorCal Premier has a competition rule that matches cannot be changed within 96 hours of scheduled kickoff

All other cancellations should compensate the referee. i.e.

  • Weather after the match has started (lightening)
  • Field closure by the owner after the match has started
  • Field is double booked
  • Field is unavailable due to other use (examples: School carnival, track meet)
  • Cancellation not communicated to the referee (match was still in Pensra)
  • No physical access to the field – the gates are locked
  • Team(s) do not show
  • Team(s) do not have Player/Coach passes
  • Team(s) do not have sufficient number of players

The suggested guiding principles should be:

  • Could or should the clubs/teams have known about or prevented the cancellation?
  • Does the referee have an opportunity to find another match to fill the referee's schedule?

Whether a club/team compensates a referee is a decision between the club, the assignor and the referee.