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Can I borrow a referee communication system from Pensra?Printable

Have an upcoming important match?

Are you mentoring rookie referees?

Pensra has referee communication sets available for use by any Pensra referee.


The system consists of:

  • 4 Bluetooth enabled transceivers
  • 4 Arm bands
  • 8 Headsets
  • Surgical tape
  • Charging station
  • Backpack
  • Instructions

The rules

  1. Can only be used for matches hosted by Pensra.
  2. Can be checked out by any referee, mentor or assignor with a history of working Pensra matches
  3. Use is by an honor system
    • No contract
    • No deposit
    • Report damage
    • Treat as your own
  4. Use priority
    • Mentoring rookie referees
    • Mentoring
    • First time use
  5. Pick up the day before your match(es).
  6. Return the day after your match(es).
    • Pick up and return in San Mateo
  7. Can have for two consecutive days
    • Pick up Friday
    • Use Saturday and Sunday
    • Return Monday
  8. Individual checking out is responsible for returning, loss and damage.
    • Even if used on Saturday and someone else used on Sunday
  9. Send email or site mail to Pensra President to reserve.

Tips for effective headset communication

  1. Reserve time to set up and adjust headsets. Keep microphone close to the mouth. Test and adjust volume.
  2. Keep communications short. One or two words. No sentences.
  3. Convey information / commands / questions that the other referee needs to know. Don't convey obvious information. Say what is happening "Foul", "Offside", "Corner".
  4. Ask for and give confirmation of calls.
  5. Do not use negatives. Say "Still in" instead of "Not out". Say "Go on" or "All good" instead of "No foul".
  6. Continue good habits. Look at the assistant referees. Make eye contact. Make flag signals.
  7. Stay on topic. Don't discuss non-relevant topics. The technical area can hear what AR1 is saying. The spectators can hear what AR2 is saying. The players can hear what the Referee is saying.
  8. Give information. "Foul" is not enough. "Foul on red. DFK for blue" is better. "Foul on red #4. Grabbed blue shirt." is better.
  9. Discuss in pregame words to use. For example, "all good" when everyone is onside on a through ball. In the Penalty Area a foul by a defender = "Penalty". In Penalty Area a foul by an attacker = "Foul"
  10. AR sees someone offside and they might get involved. Say "Waiting" indicating that you have a potential offside call